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Who We Are

We are a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working together toward the elimination of sexual violence and human trafficking, advocating for victims' rights and services. ACASA provides members cohesion, vision, and resources while working to change public attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexual violence and human trafficking issues.

Our Programs

Law Enforcement Training

Our Law Enforcement Training Program provides free and CLEST-certified education to officers and other first responders on conducting victim-centered responses and investigations of sexual violence & human trafficking cases.

For more information, please contact Kenny Smith.

Prevention Education

The Prevention Education Program works with teens and children in the local community to instill protective factors known to prevent sexual violence. 

For more information, please contact Lacye Day.

Anti-Human Trafficking

The Anti-Human Trafficking program oversees statewide efforts to collect data, provide resources, and improve care for survivors of human trafficking in collaboration with other state agencies and community service providers.

For more information, please contact Shannon Holman.

Advocacy Training

The Advocacy Training Program educates advocates, organization leaders, college students, and volunteers on trauma-informed care with survivors of sexual violence and their families.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Bailey.

COSAR - Community Onboarding, Safety, Awareness, & Response

The COSAR program seeks to improve community relations and collaborative efforts to end sexual violence, human trafficking, and other forms of violence in Arkansas.  

For more information, please contact Christen Trogden. 

Our Team

Untitled (Poster (Portrait)) (16)_edited

Monie Ballard

Executive Director


Untitled (Poster (Portrait)) (10)_edited

Michelle Cline

Associate Director


Christen Photo (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Ashley Osborne

Business Manager


Untitled design (40)_edited_edited.jpg

Ebony Jenkins

Assistant Business Manager


Untitled (Poster (Portrait)) (11)_edited

Shannon Holman

Anti-Human Trafficking Program Director


Christen Photo (1)_edited.jpg

Sativa Carpenter

Anti-Human Trafficking Development Specialist & State Compliance Officer



Kenny Smith

Law Enforcement Training Director

Christen Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Christen Trogden

COSAR Program Coordinator


Untitled (Poster (Portrait)) (13)_edited

Rebecca Bailey

Education Program Director


Untitled design (37)_edited_edited.jpg

Lacye Day

Prevention Program Director


Untitled design (38)_edited_edited.jpg

Sydney Katayama

Prevention Trainer


Untitled (Poster (Portrait)) (17)_edited


Pepperoni served as ACASA's Office Morale Manager from May 2022 - November 2022

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